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Building an employer brand

Price 216.00 BGN

“Discover the secrets to successful organization! Employer brand training is the ideal solution for ambitious managers and HR people who want to achieve impressive results and dominate the business.
Take a look inside the world’s leading companies and learn how to build a powerful employer brand that attracts, retains and inspires top talent. Our training is created by leading experts in the field and offers you indispensable tools, strategies and methods that are proven to work.Just imagine – becoming a known and desired talent brand! We will reveal the secrets of successful companies and help you build your own identity and culture. Optimize internal communication, attract talent, improve employee motivation and create a positive work environment.
Don’t miss this opportunity to become an employer of choice and build a team of motivated professionals ready to bring success to your organization. Sign up for our employer brand training and start building your legend in business! Let your success speak for you.”



  • Introduction to employer branding:
    • Definition and meaning of employer brand.
    • The relationship between employer brand and organizational success.
    • Trends and challenges in employer branding.
  • Identify the values and culture of the organization:
    • Defining the values and culture of the organization.
    • The importance of alignment between the employer brand and the organization’s values.
    • Tools and methods to identify values and culture.
  • Talent attraction and recruitment:
    • Strategies to attract talent through employer branding.
    • Advertising and marketing approaches to attract potential employees.
    • Working with an employer portal and social media to attract talent.
    • The process of selecting and assessing candidates in the context of employer branding.
  • Talent retention and engagement:
    • Strategies for retaining talent in the organization.
    • Preserving employee satisfaction and motivation.
    • Employee development and career progression opportunities.
    • Creating a positive and supportive work environment.
  • Communication and internal marketing strategy:
    • Internal communication and its role in employer branding.
    • Create effective marketing messages and campaigns.
    • Involve employees in the communication process.
    • Using different channels and tools for internal communication.
  • Measuring employer brand effectiveness:
    • Key metrics for measuring employer brand success.
    • Employee satisfaction surveys and feedback.
    • Competitive analysis and employer brand positioning.


“Striving for perfectionism in the world of employer branding? Your wait ends here! Employer brand training is the key that unlocks the secrets to building a stronger, more successful and more exciting organization.
Become a master of employer branding and discover the strategies and methods used by the world’s most successful companies. Learn how to align your organisation’s values and culture with the demands of the modern labour market.
Throughout our training we will introduce you to innovative talent attraction techniques, advertising and marketing approaches that will make you rise above the competition. We’ll show you how to create creative campaigns that attract the best candidates and establish you as an employer of choice.
Find out how to retain talent by creating an inspiring work environment that encourages motivation and personal development. We’ll provide you with candidate assessment tools and employee development methods that will help you build a team of exceptional professionals.
Plus, we’ll reveal the magic formula for creating effective internal communication that strengthens your employer brand and strengthens relationships across your organization. Learn how to create powerful marketing messages and how to use different communication channels to maximize employee engagement and involvement.
Exciting employer brand training is ahead. Get ready to take the world by storm with your unique and powerful brand. Sign up now and pioneer a successful employer brand!”


With our interactive online training, you set the pace – with no lecturers to conform to and no travel time. Our virtual academy is “open” 24/7 so your inquisitive minds can whirl at any time. Internet access is a must, but it is the foundational requirement for all online courses.
Last but not least, upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate proving the knowledge and skills you have acquired, which will inevitably be an excellent addition to your portfolio of opportunities.
If we have provoked your interest or you have any questions, we are available at tel. +359 2 850 53 64 or email office@nitbg.com


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