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Nudges – Nudges or how small changes can significantly affect people’s choices

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Training gives you the opportunity to develop valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in different areas of professional life and help you achieve better results and interactions with clients and other people around you.


  • Marketing and Advertising Professionals:NUDGES – Nudges training can help marketing and advertising professionals understand how to create engaging campaigns that will motivate customers to purchase products or services.
  • Managers and Leaders: training can be useful for managers and leaders who want to motivate their teams and subordinates to achieve better results. They can learn how to use nudges to support their employees’ productivity and engagement.
  • Sales and Customer Service: training can be useful for sales and customer service professionals who want to learn how to improve their influencing and persuasion skills using nudging as a tool.
  • Teachers and coaches: nudge training can be valuable for teachers and coaches who want to encourage their students and participants to perform better and develop their skills and potential.
  • Psychologists and counsellors: psychologists and counsellors who work with clients and organisations can benefit from nudge training to understand and use effective methods to motivate and change behaviour.
  • Push training is suitable for anyone who wishes to understand and apply the principles and techniques of push theory to their professional work or personal life.


The NUDGES – Nudges training focuses on understanding and applying the principles and techniques of nudge theory to practical situations. Here are some of the key elements:
  • Clarifies basic concepts and principles of nudging: The training provides a clear understanding of nudge theory, including concepts such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, needs and wants, rewards and punishments, etc.
  • Helping to identify motivations and needs: participants will be taught how to identify people’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, as well as their basic needs and wants. This involves understanding the psychological aspects that drive people to a particular behaviour.
  • Trainees will learn about nudging techniques: the training provides a variety of nudging techniques that can be used in different situations. These techniques include rewards, incentives, social factors, creating a sense of need, supporting intrinsic motivations, and more.
  • Ethical and legal aspects are addressed: the training focuses on the ethical and legal aspects related to the use of nudging. Participants will be introduced to best practices that should be followed when using nudging techniques.
  • Practical examples and exercises are provided: an important part of the training are practical examples and exercises that will help participants to apply what they have learned in real situations.


Nudge training is useful for professionals in marketing and other fields. It involves understanding motivation and techniques for motivating people. The training helps make marketing campaigns more effective, develop persuasion and influencing skills, increase customer engagement and use nudges ethically. Choosing such training gives you valuable tools and knowledge to succeed in your professional life.
With our interactive online training, you set the pace – with no lecturers to conform to and no travel time. Our virtual academy is “open” 24/7 so your inquisitive mind can whirl at any time. Internet access is a must, but it is the foundational requirement for all online courses.
Last but not least, upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate proving the knowledge and skills you have acquired, which will inevitably be an excellent addition to your portfolio of opportunities.
If we have provoked your interest or you have any questions, we are available at tel. +359 2 850 53 64 or email office@nitbg.com


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