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Online course How to deal with difficult customers

Duration one month
Level Beginner
Price 174.00 BGN

Difficult customers are a big challenge that marketers face. It is difficult but not impossible to deal with them. The “How to Deal with Difficult Customers” training will prepare you for any type of difficult customer and how to keep your cool.

Who is this training suitable for

Sales reps who face customer complaints on a daily basis;
Traders who are just entering the field and want to be well prepared;
New entrants to the trade who require induction training;
Anyone wanting to enter the world of sales and managing customer needs and wants.

Training programme

  • How to understand customer behaviour – why do they behave in a certain way?
    • Who are the difficult customers and what is up to us as a trader to deal with them.
  • Types of difficult customers and techniques for dealing with them
    • We take a look at the six most prominent types of difficult customers and their key characteristics to get to know them and work with them better.
  • Basic steps for dealing with difficult customers
    • You will learn how to handle the most common situations with difficult customers. How to win them over and turn them into loyal consumers. Also how to improve a deteriorating relationship with your customer.
  • Skills you need to deal with difficult customers

What knowledge and skills will you acquire

  • Recognize the groups of difficult customers, their characteristics and the corresponding ways to deal with them;
  • Use of communication techniques relative to the type of difficult customer in addressing their desire;
  • Knowledge of methods to manage a difficult situation and remain calm;
  • Build personal skills to deal with difficult customers and unkind conversations;
  • Creating relationships with the customer beyond difficulties.

Why choose our training

The e-learning “How to deal with difficult customers” focuses on the challenges of the trader in his communication with them. They put at stake not only his transactions, but also the image of the company, which is why it is extremely important for every trader to have the necessary knowledge and skills to recognize and master a situation with a difficult customer. This includes not only knowing the types of customers and how to respond to them, but also how to be prepared as a salesperson, not to give in to our emotions but to our reason and to show empathy to the other party.
With our interactive online training, you set the pace – with no lecturers to conform to and no travel time. Our virtual academy is “open” 24/7 so your inquisitive minds can whirl at any time. Internet access is mandatory, but it is the fundamental requirement for all online courses.
Last but not least, upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate proving the knowledge and skills you have acquired, which will inevitably be an excellent addition to your portfolio of opportunities.
If we have provoked your interest or you have any questions, we are available at tel. +359 2 850 53 64 or email office@nitbg.com

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate

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