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Online course Risks of using unprotected WiFi networks

Price 168.00 BGN

The “Risks of Using Unprotected WiFi Networks” training begins with an in-depth look at the basic concepts and terminology associated with WiFi networks. It provides a detailed overview of the technical aspects of networking as well as the key terminology that every user needs to know.
The course then moves on to analyse the real risks behind connecting to unsecured WiFi networks. Special attention is paid to the activities of cyber criminals and hackers, revealing the methods they use, including popular attack techniques such as Man-in-the-Middle, fake access point, eavesdropping and phishing.
To ensure that the training is not just theoretical, it also includes practical elements where learners are immersed in real examples and attack scenarios. This allows listeners to apply what they have learned and better understand how they can protect themselves in the future.


The “Risks of Using Unprotected WiFi Networks” training is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of audiences. Its main purpose is to serve people who regularly use wireless Internet connections, whether for personal or professional purposes.
Technology professionals looking to expand their network security knowledge will find the materials particularly useful and informative. In addition, anyone who works remotely or travels frequently and regularly connects to public WiFi networks will learn valuable lessons about how to protect their information and personal data.
However, even if you’re not a tech-savvy or frequent traveller but just want to understand more about the risks of unprotected WiFi networks and how to protect yourself, this training is just for you. It is designed to be accessible and understandable even for people with no previous network security experience.


  • Basic concepts
    • Concepts and terminology related to WiFi networks
    • How WiFi networks work
    • Why people use unprotected WiFi networks
  • Risks of using unprotected WiFi networks
    • Understanding Risk: Hackers and Cybercriminals
    • Types of attacks: Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), Neticide, Phishing and others
    • Examples and case studies
  • Prevention and protection
    • How to avoid unprotected WiFi networks
    • Use protective measures such as Firewall and Antivirus software
    • Enhanced security settings on personal devices
    • Use a VPN for protection
  • Summary
  • Final test


By attending the “Risks of Using Unprotected WiFi Networks” training, participants will immerse themselves in the world of network security, gaining valuable insights into the various threats and methods of protection. First, the training offers information to understand the technical aspects of wireless networks, allowing listeners to understand how and why certain attacks are possible.
The course then introduces various attacks such as Man-in-the-Middle, fake access point, eavesdropping and phishing, and provides concrete examples of their use in real-world situations. This not only increases awareness of potential risks, but also helps participants to recognise and prevent such attacks in the future.
On a practical level, learners will learn how to set up their devices for maximum security, how to avoid untrusted networks and how to use additional tools such as VPNs to increase their protection when communicating online.
By completing the training, each participant will have specific skills and tools they can apply immediately to protect themselves from the risks associated with unprotected WiFi networks.


Choosing the right training can be key to successfully expanding your professional skills and knowledge. Our online training “Risks of Using Unprotected WiFi Networks” has several key benefits that make it an outstanding choice.
First, our program is based on up-to-date and practical information that is in line with the latest trends in network security. This means you will gain knowledge that you can apply in the real world and that is of real value.
Second, the training is structured to be accessible and understandable, regardless of your previous level of experience in the field. It is designed with a wide range of learners in mind – from beginners to IT professionals.
Thirdly, thanks to the online format, you have the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere, making it easy and flexible to adapt to your personal and professional commitments.
Finally, our mission is not just to provide information, but to teach you how to put it into practice. Through interactive lessons, practical examples and real-life scenarios, you will gain the confidence and skills to protect your information and work safely in an online environment.
So if you’re looking for quality, up-to-date and practical network security training, our online courses are for you.
With our interactive online training, you set the pace – with no lecturers to conform to and no travel time. Our virtual academy is “open” 24/7 so your inquisitive mind can whirl at any time. Internet access is a must, but it is the foundational requirement for all online courses.
Last but not least, upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate proving the knowledge and skills you have acquired, which will inevitably be an excellent addition to your portfolio of opportunities.
If we have provoked your interest or you have any questions, we are available at tel. +359 2 850 53 64 or email office@nitbg.com


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