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Continuing education in insurance under the Insurance Code

Price 120.00 BGN

NIT – New Internet Technologies Ltd. offers Continuing Professional Education in Insurance under the Insurance Code for working insurance brokers, providing 15 hours of training required by the Insurance Code.


Continuing Education in Insurance under the Insurance Code is appropriate for anyone involved in insurance. Passing such training is required by the CP and the FSC every year.
You can enrol your employees for one of the training programmes offered.


Training programme 1

Training Programme 2

Training Programme 3

Additional: glossary of insurance terms, forum
Completion of Continuing Professional Education in Insurance of not less than 15 hours is required by the CP and the FSC each year. That’s why we offer a new training programme every year .
Contact us to send our full training content.
The training programs have covered key topics in insurance: insurance services in the marketplace, daily workflow and procedures of insurance agents and brokers, sales examples and best practices, legal constraints for signing an insurance contract, managing conflicts of interest, insurance fraud , innovations in insurance and much more. Follow-up trainings contain examples, case studies, mid-term tests, final exam.


Programme 1

  • You will learn the legal effects of concluding insurance contracts through intermediaries, you will get a better orientation in the safety of the insurance market – in case of questionable transactions in the insurance business, as well as rules when concluding an insurance contract electronically.
  • You’ll gain knowledge on how to stay in touch with the customer and increase customer satisfaction and how to develop ever better relationships with your current customers, as well as administering customer policies.
  • You will expand your knowledge of workflow management, sales management. You will also gain some purely practical skills such as negotiating successfully, dealing with objections, how to leave effective voice messages, techniques and techniques for writing effective emails and much more.

Programme 2

  • You will gain knowledge about quality Microinsurance and the factors that determine it. What are the most common microinsurance products and what is their success rate.
  • You’ll dive into the TPL and learn which professions are required to have professional insurance. We draw attention to construction participants and their need for insurance.
  • You’ll find out how you can protect you and your customers from insurance fraud and cyber terrorism. What are their signs and how can you prevent their unpleasant consequences.
  • You will learn more about innovation in insurance and Fintech business. What are “smart insurance” and “insurance on demand”. How innovation is changing insurance and what it means for you as insurers.

Programme 3

  • You’ll learn how insurance originated and how it has evolved from ancient times to today, how innovations are related to insurance, and take a little trip around the map to learn about the spread of insurance in different countries.
  • You will gain knowledge of the main types of financial risk insurance – the subject of the insurance, what the insurance covers, sums insured and premiums.
  • You will enter the world of digital marketing – what are the advantages, types, how it can be used in insurance, what an insurance agency or broker needs in digital marketing, how to improve digital marketing, tips for digital marketing in insurance.
  • You will understand what insurance marketing means, what are the marketing concepts in insurance, what is the marketing of insurance services, what are the marketing strategies in insurance, what are the legal restrictions on marketing in insurance.
  • You will learn more about ethical standards in insurance, what is the code of ethics for the insurance business, ethical norms that most often find concrete manifestation in the Codes of Ethics.


Our training is fully distance learning, digitized and available online, anywhere, anytime! We have developed online lectures, in an interactive format, illustrated with many photos and illustrations, a glossary of insurance terms, a forum where learners can express their opinions or ask questions. After successfully passing a short test, our system will issue a certificate that you can print.
The certificates issued by us have a QR code that can be read with a mobile device giving information about the authenticity of the certificate, its validity, etc.
The training will make your work more efficient and support your career development. Most importantly, you can be in complete control of the timing of your training! Do your studying entirely at home or in the office during your free time, drinking a cup of coffee. Don’t delay!

The Financial Supervision Commission informs all insurance intermediaries that by a decision of a meeting of the FSC held on 23.02.2021:
1. Guidance on the interpretation and application of Article 292(2) and (3), Article 304(2) and (3), Article 316(2) and (3), Article 316(2) and (3). 1, Article 317, para. 3 and Article 321b(2) of the Insurance Code in relation to the provision, documentation and reporting of continuing professional training and development of insurance product distributors, which have been adopted in connection with numerous inquiries received by the Insurance Supervision Department from insurance product distributors concerning the documentation and reporting of continuing professional training and development of insurance product distributors under the Insurance Code and with a view to unifying


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