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Online Course Leadership Skills

Price 144.00 BGN
Duration one month
Level Beginner

Want to learn even more about how to be a better leader? Great – this training will help you understand how to create and build a team, how to develop emotional intelligence and give you visual examples of successful leaders.

Who is this training suitable for

  • If you’ve already taken our first Leadership Essentials training or are more advanced as a leader, this course will give you a deeper look into the importance of creating strong and cohesive teams.
  • Advanced leaders with some experience will learn how to develop their emotional intelligence and how they can use it as a tool to develop their teams and themselves.
  • Future leaders and entrepreneurs will learn how to create a successful team and bring it together through team games and team building.

Training programme

  • Team Development
    • What is a successful team and what is a good leader?
    • People selection – a key success factor;
    • Characteristics of a successful team environment;
  • Emotional intelligence
    • Definition of this type of intelligence
    • Self-knowledge, self-control, self-motivation
    • Empathy – meaning, improvement and development
  • How to choose team building games and activities?
    • Adequate planning and strategic relevance of activities
    • Truly effective team building and activity examples
  • Examples of successful leaders
  • A look at today’s successful leaders and what makes them tick.
    You get a free bonus topic “Managerial Skills and the Art of Managing” with valuable tips and the secret skills of an effective manager.
    Management success requires the ability to communicate clearly and openly, express gratitude, motivate the team, acknowledge mistakes, and most of all, continually polish management skills. You will learn more about the skills and the effective methods for their application in the training.

What knowledge and skills will you acquire

  • With this course you will have the confidence to understand what makes a team truly cohesive and effective. You will be able to select your team members according to the goals you have set through strategic planning and support and encourage the continuous development of your team members as professionals and people.
  • Team building is much more than providing an opportunity for the team to be together. They are instrumental in creating deep connections between people that will later help to bring the team together and define key team values. This, will be an indispensable asset for any highly functional team.
  • Last but not least, you’ll have a glimpse of truly successful modern leaders who will inspire you to grow. Through examples of their path to success.

Why choose our training

The Leadership Skills training develops the theories and principles set out in the first part of the Leadership Fundamentals training. Whether or not you take them in sequence, this course will focus your attention on the importance of teamwork, planning and the development of the staff you work with. Behind a successful leader is a highly motivated team that he cares about.
With our interactive online training, you set the pace – with no lecturers to conform to and no travel time. Our virtual academy is “open” 24/7 so your inquisitive minds can whirl at any time. Internet access is mandatory, but it is the fundamental requirement for all online courses.
Last but not least, upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate proving the knowledge and skills you have acquired, which will inevitably be an excellent addition to your portfolio of opportunities.
If we have provoked your interest or you have any questions, we are available at tel. +359 2 850 53 64 or email office@nitbg.com

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate

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