Looking for a guide to the wide world of Flexible Methodologies? Well, you found it!
“The Agile Manifesto is an e-learning that will not only get you started thinking Agile, but also help you apply its principles to your work, today.

Who is this training suitable for

  • Professionals, from any field, who want to understand how to apply the Manifesto of Agile Methodologies in their organizations;
  • Managers who want to start Agile but are not sure where to start;
  • Project managers and team leaders who want to improve their work processes and communication with the client.

Training programme

  • Fundamentals of the Manifesto of Flexible Methodologies – “Agile”
    • What is the “Agile” Manifesto and how does it help the rapid development of companies that implement it successfully?
    • We look at the history that led to the creation of the so famous methodology.
  • The four values of “Agile”
    • The human factor – Why it is important to focus on individual capabilities and relationships rather than processes and tools;
    • The working solutions – Nowadays, the importance of working software or a solution that helps the customer is greater than comprehensive documentation. What it means and how to apply it in our work
    • Customer feedback – How collaboration with the customer increases their satisfaction with the company as well as increases the results of the products offered.
    • The flexibility to change – The world is changing at a pace that we can’t plan for every step of if we want to stay relevant to our customers. Therefore, Ajail’s fourth value is oriented towards flexibility and responsiveness to environmental changes and customer feedback.
  • The twelve principles of “Agile”
    • The values of the methodology can be interpreted in many ways, which is why the Ajail Manifesto contains twelve principles to guide you in applying them in your daily work.
    • They will be your compass in building high performing teams and helping you get back on track when you feel lost.
  • How to start applying Agile in your work
    • “Agile is not just a methodology, it is a way of thinking – about the customer, the processes, the tasks, the meetings, the people… And much more, in the module we look at its many areas of application and how you can start applying the Agile approach today.
  • Advanced Agile
    • About design sprints and how they can be useful when working in remote teams.
    • What are the characteristics of teams that work successfully with the Agile methodology?
  • Self-assessment
    • To finish, you’ll go through a quiz to assess your organization’s “Agile” culture and feedback on which areas to prioritize your focus.

What knowledge and skills will you acquire

  • You will know the basics of the Manifesto of Flexible Methodologies – “Agile”;
  • You will be able to manage your work processes against the four Agile values;
  • You will be able to apply the principles of the methodology in your work with clients and colleagues;
  • You will learn how to have conversations and negotiations that will increase the effectiveness of the decisions you make;
  • You’ll be able to create high-performing teams;
  • You will learn how to structure and lead successful retrospective meetings effectively;
  • You’ll understand the importance of working independently together and how autonomy boosts results.

Why choose our training

The Agile Manifesto e-learning aims to present the methodology in a practically useful and thorough manner. It is suitable for teams just entering Agile , as well as for established professionals who want to learn this way of working and thinking.

The structure of the training involves the gradual acquisition and building of knowledge and skills, along with valuable tips that you can apply today.

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate

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Duration one month
Level Beginner
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